What is the most important thing, without which you can’t go anywhere? The first thing which might have come to your mind is a bag. The bags have become the most critical aspect of a woman’s personality. Either she is a housewife or an office worker, she has to carry her belongings with her, and she can’t grab all of them in her hand. Bags help her to bring all of her stuff, and the women feel more confident while they are holding a branded bag. Now the question arises about the choice of a suitable carrier. In the market, numerous varieties of bags are available, with different designs and styles. But the most trendy nowadays are crossbody bags, because of the convenience they brought to us. Crossbody bags are among the most practical choices one can ever make. These bags are comfortable to carry, distributing the weight of the load on both sides of the body, keeping you safe from muscle straining.

Again, if you want to buy across the bag, there will be piles of them in the market, and most likely you might make a wrong choice. Today we are bringing you this Triple zip pocket large crossbody bag that fits your taste.

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Triple zip pocket large crossbody bag description

 1. external material

This Triple zip pocket large crossbody bag is made of high-quality faux material which exhibits some appealing properties that make it extremely durable. Faux, a french word meaning false regarding the fabric. Faux refers to the synthesized leather material, which is than suede. Polyurethane is the main component of faux leather, which is breathable and considered ideal for clothing. The material is pretty similar to the one shed by the animals. The simulated material came into existence somewhere in the 20th century. They are produced to imitate the texture of the real fabric. It exhibits the following properties

  • faux leather is cost-effective.
  • , it is incredibly durable and will last for a very long time. It can withstand scratches and scrapes. It is resistible cracking and getting peeled.
  • The material is resistant to ultraviolet radiations and stain
  • It requires low maintenance, i.e. can be easily wiped clean with warm water. It does not retain moisture so it won’t crack.
  • As it is evident from the appearance of the bag, the faux material is modified in grain, color, texture with realistic visuals.
  • The faux material provides you with the freedom to choose the color, and the color will stay attractive even after several years of use
  • Faux material comes in fine stitching quality

2. Internal material

The inside of this crossbody bag is lined with a viscose covering.  Viscose is a regenerated cellulosic fiber extracted from wood. This material has a silky sheen. This fiber is exceptionally soft, being cool in summer and warm in winter. Its extra soft touch keeps your goods safe and secured, i.e. from scratches or getting dusty. Moreover, the viscose material is printed to give the bag a high-class look even from inside.

3. Color

This crossbody bag is available in appealing sky blue color, which will make the heads turn around.

4. Closure

The bag comes with a triplet zipper closure along with a back zipper closure which is a unique style. The inside of the bag is provided with two pockets, i.e. one zipper and the other without a zipper.

5. Strip

Unlike other shoulder bags, these are adorned with a long adjustable strap so you can change its length according to your desire. The ribbon is attached with stylish golden buckles along with two studs of the same metal at the front of the bag.

Benefits this Triple zip pocket large crossbody bag brings with it


  • The perfect combo of style and comfort

It is usually tiring, while you are out either for shopping or traveling. While you are exhausting yourself, it is quite challenging to look after your bag. Especially if it is a bulky piece and will bother you again and again by slipping down your shoulder, and it will be so annoying. The closing striped crossbody bag provides a solution for all of these problems. You can get just through it on your shoulder around your waist, and that’s it. Now you can move freely, and it won’t even cause aching in your shoulder because of the straining of muscles.

  • Extreme durability

This crossbody bag comes with fantastic durability. Faux material which is used in its preparation is resistant to scratches and scrapes. It is waterproof and humidity resistant, perfect for sunny days. It is wash proof, so no matter how much you wash it, it will still retain its new look. The fine stitching quality makes it last for years. The color is permanent and won’t lose its shine. So buying one will be equal to multiples.

  • Extra room for your belongings

There is a problem with most of the bugs that they start appearing bulky even when you are keeping very few things in them. But this crossbody bag will retain its attractive shape no matter how much stuff you put inside it.

  • The crossbody bag: fantastic choice as a present

There is no alternative to this crossbody bag if you want to give a present to somebody. This present will make your fellows keep you in good memories,

Triple zip pocket large crossbody bag is perfect for days spent wandering a city when you only need to tote the essentials. This bag will hold your hand free, and you can keep it close by yourself. You won’t end your day with an aching shoulder. Besides, they will give you a chic look. Order it now and take it with you where ever your travel takes you.

Triple Zip Pocket Large Crossbody Bag

Triple Zip Pocket Large Crossbody Bag


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