Choosing the best travel purse isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to consider the size, durability, and anti-theft features, and the price range should be considered as well. A bag with high quality materials will last longer, and more expensive models will most likely have security features such as anti-theft. Before choosing a purse, decide on what you’ll need it for. If you’re traveling by train or bus, then a large handbag will be sufficient. For longer trips, a smaller travel bag might not be as convenient, but it can be a great option.

best travel purse ever

People love to travel solo or with their friends or families when they get a break from their hectic routine. Travelling is perfect to let go of your normal busy life. When you decide to go out, you’d be packing your stuff with you. When it comes to the kind of best travel purse people want to carry while traveling, everyone has different choices according to their needs.

You will take loads of stuff while you travel, but not everything will fit in your regular purse. That’s where travel purses kick in. Travel purses help to secure your items as you move, they don’t really have to be plain and simple. In fact, there are multiple options available in the market that cater to all your fashion needs, and we will be discussing them in detail in this article.

To help out the travelers, we have carefully put together a list of the top fifteen Best Travel Purse out there. You can pick your favorite from the following list that meets all your needs and requirements.

Valuable Comparison Of Our Top 16 Best Travel Purse Picks

best travel purse ever
Baggallini Everywhere bage with RFID
best travel purse ever View On Amazon
best travel purse crossbody
Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Bag
best travel purse crossbody View On Amazon
best travel handbags
Michael Kors Women's Wallet
best travel handbags View On Amazon
best lightweight travel purse
Lightweight Medium Crossbody Bag with Tassel
best lightweight travel purse View On Amazon
Best Neck Wallets for Travel
Lewis N. Clark RFID Neck Wallet
Best Neck Wallets for Travel View On Amazon
Best Large Pocket Bag
Triple Zip Pocket Large Crossbody Bag
best travel purse crossbody View On Amazon
best anti theft travel purse
Travelon Women's Anti-Theft Heritage Small Crossbody
best anti theft travel purse View On Amazon
best women's travel purse
NOTAG Crossbody Bag for Women Waterproof Shoulder Bag
best women's travel purse View On Amazon
best small travel purse
Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag
best small travel purse View On Amazon
Best Tablet Purse
OGIO Women's Brooklyn Tablet Purse
best women's travel purse View On Amazon
Best Daily Use Bag
Travistar Women Multifunction Shoulder Bag
best women's travel purse View On Amazon
best backpack purse for travel
CLUCI Women Backpack Purse Genuine Leather
best backpack purse for travel View On Amazon
Best Hiking Backpack
MOSISO Sling Backpack,Shoulder Bag ,Hiking Daypack
Best Hiking travel Backpack View On Amazon
Best Waterproof Anti-theft Bag
Women Backpack Purse Waterproof Nylon Anti-theft
best anti theft travel purse View On Amazon
Best Crossbody Bag for Women
NeatPack Crossbody Bag for Women with Anti Theft RFID Pocket
best anti theft travel purse View On Amazon
Olympia usa Luggage Review
Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote
best travel purse View On Amazon


Best Travel Purse Ever: Baggallini Everywhere Bag With Rfid Blocking Wallet

Everywhere Bag with RFID

The best thing about this bag is that it is still very lightweight given its large size. Baggallini is the best travel purse ever as it is stylish and very usable, with perfectly arranged, deep enough pockets. This model is made up of high-quality false leather, quality zips, and buckles. The secondary front pocket and the main compartment can comfortably accommodate an iPad and much more.

You can easily and quickly clean away stains as cleaning this durable water-resistant material is a piece of cake. Baggallini everywhere best travel purse ever also protects your credit-card information thanks to its removable RFID blocking phone wristlet. It also contains a lipstick compartment, where you can put in all your lipsticks. There is a small pocket in the back of this purse that stretches over the entire length of the bag and can be unzipped at the bottom.

Thanks to its well-crafted pockets and compartments it provides enough space for your key items and weighs just 16 ounces. The travel purse also includes a detachable neck wallet and a slip pocket, which can be transformed into a sleeve to quickly slide through the handle. Its strap may be stretched to about 29 inches. It is the perfect cross-body leather purse and is available in multiple color options.

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  • Wider than most bags
  • Sleeve for luggage handle
  • RFID protected lining
  • Multiple color options
  • Adjustable strap


  • No slash-proof straps
  • Expensive


Best Crossbody: Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag

Best Anti-Theft Travel Purse

The Travelon Anti-Theft Bucket is very convenient to wear and offers a slash-resistant strap that can be easily attached to a table. You can easily store an umbrella or a water bottle in the outside mesh panels. It is very convenient to store these items outside the bag. Travelon best travel purse crossbody is made up of soft polyester fabric.

This is considered as one of the crossbody bags for moms and weighs 13 oz and is available in various colors. The cut-proof shoulder straps are effortlessly flexible so that you get the perfect fit when carrying your pack. While there is plenty of room for a tablet there is no sleeve for it, so you have to pack it in your own protective case.

You have to be as organized as possible whether you are traveling or walking around. With this crossbody bag, you can do that because the front compartments have two wall pockets. Both the main and front lockers offer the RFID reader blocking card slots in a slash-proof construction for ease. It has a flexible architecture and a splash-resistant design. The bag is very lightweight, so even if it is fully packed it won’t be much heavy.

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  • Highly durable
  • Slash-resistant body
  • Ample space to carry all travel essentials
  • Comfortable


  • The latch is hard to close
  • Small side pockets


Best Handbags: Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel Large Trifold Wallet

Large Trifold Travel Wallet

For people who like to stand out, this leather wallet Trifold is an excellent choice. It has a sleek and trendy style that shows your personality. The exterior is twill-coated and has a gold tone for luxury. One main U shape zipper is available on the wallet. You can reach all your pockets easily when you unlock the main zipper.

Michael Kors is not only popular with women’s fashion and apparel because of their trendy styles, as they are famous too for their quality requirements. The whole wallet is constructed entirely of sturdy and strong polyester. It has many pockets and each pocket has its own purpose, and you can tell it easily apart from its size.

This bag is considered to be one of the best travel handbags and its size is big enough to store many items simultaneously. There are many compartments for credit or debit cards, money, built-in coin pure, multipurpose pockets for tickets, receipts, etc. This travel wallet comes in a number of colors, some of which have the MK logo as part of the block design. Not only is this travel wallet very fashionable and trendy, but also it’s a very functional product

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  • Luxurious and elegant style
  • It is made from durable leather material
  • Portable and compact to carry
  • Excellent build quality


  • It doesn’t have any wrist strap or phone holder
  • It is not rigged with an RFID blocking system


Best Lightweight: Medium Crossbody Bag with Tassel

Lightweight Crossbody Bag with Tassel

The Deluxe Medium Crossbody Bag is just lovely and provides lots of flexibility and durability. The brand is known for its unique fashion items that are innovative and make an adorable statement. This bag is designed for the fashionista or traveler who wants a cute and lightweight bag. There is a zip pocket and an open pocket inside, making it very easy to use and to store small items such as cell phones, wallets, or keys.

This bag is very compact and can fit a passport, mobile phone, charger, and more in comparison with most other crossbody traveling small-sized bags. This is ideal for a business trip or in a casual environment. This cross-body bag looks sleek and elegant and looks perfect for a long trip. This faux leather made bag provides gold-style tone hardware.

The DELUXITY bag is available in 26 different colors. This affordable best lightweight travel purse is lovely, sweet, medium-sized, and great for daily use. The structure of this travel purse for Europe is very robust and is of great value. This bag is almost regarded as a steal for the price. It’s strongly recommended as one of the most affordable cross-body bags out there in the market.

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  • Gold-tone hardware
  • Elegant and roomy
  • The inside and out pockets allows the users to organize their stuff well
  • Multiple color options
  • Lightweight design


  • Poor quality pocketbooks
  • The strap is not very durable


Best Neck Wallets: Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Stash Neck Wallet + Passport Holder for Women & Men

RFID Blocking Stash Neck Wallet

The anti-theft stash from Lewis N. Clark is made from RFID blocking technology that protects you from electronic pickpocketing. The slim design keeps it all in your pocket. The design is perfect, as it protects from exposing any of your important papers. This Neck Wallet has large velcro pockets with an internal mesh pocket for carrying your phone and passports.

This flat travel wallet can be slid around the neck on a string and put under a shirt for secrecy and is extremely subtle. It has a lining intended to block any effort by anyone who tries to intercept data from the cards or scan documents. The strong rip-stop nylon provides the quality type. Also, auto-repairing zippers are designed to secure the wallet. This travel neck wallet is available in five different color options. This is rated as being one of the best neck wallets for travel.

This great wallet is also waterproof so that water drops, moisture, and mildew are kept away. It comes with different size compartments in order to keep your items safe. The ID section requires a transparent cover to prevent it from being withdrawn from the wallet anytime it is needed. This best travel purse has multiple compartments which means you have the requisite storage room for all your documents so that you can view them easily anytime you like.

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  • Strong and well priced
  • It wicks away moisture
  • It has many compartments for secure storage
  • Anti-theft design


  • It has weak straps
  • Poor constructions


Best Large Pocket: Triple Zip Pocket Large Crossbody Bag

Large Crossbody Bag

While all crossbody bags have a general design, this bag combines different styles in a single bag which can do a number of things with the extra-long strap. This best travel purse crossbody comes up in 48 different colors so you choose your favorite from a huge variety.

It has three zipper compartments in front, two inside pockets, and one compartment at the back. Its multiple compartments organize all your stuff pretty well. The bag even has a 24 inches drop that places the bag right at the perfect spot to hang. This bag has a strong construction quality that is not known for failure, with both straps and zippers included. Its zippers are particularly very durable.

Its vertical design makes it slightly bigger than the regular bags on the crossbody and thus gives more storage space.  Its faux leather material is smooth and feels great with the body. The cross-body design enables you to go hands-free and make it the perfect bag for a whole day on your way, whether you are exploring a new town or simply going out shopping.

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  • It has a good length drop
  • It has ample size for storage
  • Durable zippers
  • Available in a wide range of colors


  • Heavier than the other bags
  • A bit expensive


Best Anti Theft: Travelon Women’s Anti-Theft Heritage Small Crossbody Bag

Women's Heritage Purse

Travelon’s best anti-theft travel purse is a durable bag made from canvas and suede, which certainly resists trials of travel. It also has a lengthy, slash-resistant, adjustable shoulder strap with lockable clips to secure to a fixed object. This bag enables you to enjoy your journeys and excursions outside the city with the pledge to save and secure your valuables, riches, and other items.

Travelon’s best anti-theft travel purse is an outstanding option if you want a compact bag. It has a very attractive color and breathtaking design. The bag contains organizational pockets, RFID pockets, and an LED light key clip. This traveling purse will work out really well if you need a bag that will allow you to feel more tranquil.

It features one main zip-box and includes an RFID blocked zip-box and 2 additional phone sleeves. There is a central locking compartment. Travelon travel purse is really good if you want to keep your things safe and to protect you against pickpockets. The fact that this organizational purse is slash-resistant is another anti-theft measure you might not know about. It is really tough to remove the strap on this bag, making it harder for the snatchers to reach in and snatch the stuff.

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  • It has great safety features
  • Slash-resistant
  • Breathtaking design
  • Lockable zippers and shoulder strap


  • It is not very spacious


Best For Women: Casual Nylon Crossbody Waterproof Shoulder Bag For Women

Women Waterproof Shoulder Bag

Notag best women’s travel purse has got you covered, regardless of whether you want something small, compact, or perhaps a bag with a  bit more space. The durable nylon material is fire, abrasion, and scratch-resistant. In addition to the insane light weight of the bag, it is offered in a host of four different colors: pink, navy, purple, and classic black.

It has 6 zipper pockets and is lightweight and waterproof. With this purse, you will not have to bring multiple bags to hold your things and your kid’s stuff. These bags are ideal for both travel and daily needs, coming up in two different sizes. With its adjustable strap, you may also use it as a shoulder bag or crossbody bag. In addition, the classic zipper can be opened and closed easily without any problems.

Notag Crossbody travel purse has many zippered compartments that fit everything from passport to keys and wallet, designed by using excellent waterproof nylon. The inner portion of the bag includes secret zip pockets, a phone pocket, and a pocket reserved for all papers. There are many zipper pockets on the outside as well and a side pouch to carry a water bottle.

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  • This travel purse has plenty of storage room
  • It has multiple organized compartments
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • It has a sloppy construction
  • Its zippers are quite flimsy


Best Small: Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag

Mini Shoulder Bag

The neutral design of this small bag makes it really convenient to dress up or down. A lot of products like mobile phones, wallets, an iPad, etc may be kept in this small and lightweight bag. This best small travel purse comes with an interior and exterior pockets that allow all your belongings to be properly organized.

Travelon anti-theft bag comes in 18 colors and patterns. You can choose a bag to suit your personal style with this variety of options. Even the protection aspect is balanced by the stainless steel cables positioned with its straps. A LED light on a tied key clip is also included inside the main compartment on the side, which is appropriate to be putting items in the main compartment of the bag or used in the dark to see near distances.

The shoulder strap of this bag attaches to the carabiner. Through this, one can easily loop the strap around the chair’s arm. In addition to the RFID blocking pockets and slots, it comes with excellent protection features like locking straps and compartments, a slash-resistant body, and straps.



  • It has locking compartments to keep your stuff secured
  • Slash-resistant body
  • RFID blocking pockets and slots
  • Stainless steel cables


  • It has no interior zipper in the main compartment


Best Tablet Purse: OGIO Women’s Brooklyn best Tablet Purse

best Tablet Purse

OGIO lightweight women’s Brooklyn Travel Purse is available in five beautiful colors and is the alternative for those who want a traveling purse with a special emphasis on design. The shoulder strap is an extension of the bag. It is fitted with two big main compartments and a hidden zippered pocket.

It is as eye-catting as it is robust. This contemporary crossbody travel purse is built of durable TC 900D poly and with good capacities. This best women’s travel purse has a tablet pocket that is fully padded so that you know that when you are moving your device is safe from bumps. The organizing panel within the bag makes things easy to keep organized.

The Brooklyn purse is offered in some appealing and non-aggressive shades. This bag has a two-buttoned front zipper enclosure that offers you a different edge while going to your destination. With its sleek style and exclusive color option, OGIO’s best travel purse is a must-have for style lovers.



  • This bag is pretty spacious
  • Extra padding for electronics
  • Stylish modern design
  • Durable material


  • Its strap is not adjustable
  • It does not have any pen or key holder


Best Daily Use: Travistar Women Multifunction Shoulder Bag For Work and Daily Use

Multifunction Shoulder Bag daily use

Travistar beautiful women’s bag is the best way to travel outside your hotel to keep your items and valuables secured with you. This is one of the most widely appreciated bags for female lawyers and has a great vintage appearance. This backpack canvas bag has a special, multifunctional design, available in four excellent colors, which makes it quick and easy to change its look. This bag is constructed of high-quality fabric and is comfortable and washable. This functionality is really handy for those who carry snacks with them.

Travistar Shoulder bag storage accessory consists of the long-lasting, breathable, and washable best and high-quality canvas materials. This best women’s travel purse is not restricted to tourists and trips outside the area. With its sturdy structure and well-made architecture, the protection function even comes with high performance. This convertible bag is large enough to hold a large laptop or tablet. It’s the perfect crossbody bag for anyone.

This glorious invention is a compact add-on to all your transportation and maintenance needs. The pocket is lightweight and simple to use in several respects. With its large and adequate space, people may even enjoy this antique canvas bag as a day-to-day usage bag for everyone. This is a large, classic design and simple style backpack.

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  • Beautiful vintage canvas design
  • Washable
  • Extremely versatile
  • Long-Lasting


  • It does not have any pockets


Best Backpack: CLUCI Genuine Leather Women Backpack Purse and Laptop Bag For Travel

best laptop bag for travel

CLUCI genuine leather best backpack purse for travel is a great and trendy bag. This women’s bag is very durable and robust. This best travel bag is a formal bag but the classic style to be used for everyday use. This bag is made of premium leather with maximum strength. In the long run, leather is luxurious and rich in energy. You may also use this bag and safeguard your material inside this bag in any setting.

It’s not just made to carry your things, but it makes you look like a great mother. It has a long shoulder strap that doesn’t strain your body at all. It’s pretty big but it’s one of the best handbags for mothers who are going after a cool look. The overall design with excellent construction quality gives a sturdy appearance. The bag appears like a traditional product. It is available in multiple colors.

CLUCi women’s backpack bag is made of soft PU leather, metal accessories, and a fashionable and durable fabric fork with high-quality water resistance. A good sleeve option for daily use in the pocket offers strong precision and power. This best travel purse comes with many pocket sets. You can use the main pocket to put in your laptop and other extensive material.



  • It is available in four different colors
  • Well-designed
  • It is best for laptops
  • Lightweight


  • Not the best quality leather


Best Hiking Backpack: Multipurpose Sling Backpack For Travel and Hiking Shoulder Bag

best Sling Backpack for hiking

You may carry this Mosiso bag over your back, on your neck, and even around your waist according to your favorite styles. This bag is elegantly built, with an earphone plug, so that you can listen to your favorite music without bringing the phone out of the bag. It is made of polyester which repels water. The strap is flexible, breathable, and easy to use for the entire day.

The backpack contains two compartments where one compartment can be used to store the power bank, keys, wallet, and other small outdoor accessories. In the other compartment, you can store big accessories like your iPad, laptop, etc. This sling backpack has a shoulder strap that is adjustable and can be loosely or tightly adjusted to provide you with sufficient comfort.

There’s a mesh pocket built for carrying a water bottle, but it is a bit small. The zips are durable and made of metal. The outer compartments are perfect as they make your personal belongings readily available. It has an extremely supportive and convenient stylish padded shoulder strap and back panel that absorbs heat and prevents sweating.



  • This bag is comfortable to carry around
  • Roomy compartment
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • It has multiple compartments
  • This bag is quite versatile


  • The side pockets are not very roomy
  • The strap could be made a bit longer


Best Waterproof: Nylon Anti-theft Lightweight Shoulder Bag For Women

Lightweight Shoulder Bag for women

Pincnel super-chic women’s backpack is designed for the anti-theft and features a rucksack. A special back zipper is used in the anti-theft feature of this bag. You will feel a little better throughout your trip as this bag keeps your stuff secure. While this bag has enough space for your mobile phone, makeup, an iPad, and so on, it is not suitable for carrying extremely heavy goods.

This waterproof nylon and the soft, durable synthetic leather bag has many pockets including two exterior zippers, one main, two exterior sides, two interiors, and an internal zipped pocket. You do not have to worry about your bag getting soaked in water during heavy rainfall due to its water-resistant feature. The bag comes with a detachable hand strap and two adjustable long shoulder straps which allow you to adjust the bag length to suit your individual preferences.

The backpack is large enough and weighs only a pound to hold a 14-inch laptop. The rear zipper design of the bag comes with an anti-theft feature, which prevents your valuable items from getting stolen. Finally, due to the double zipper feature, the backpack can be quickly opened and closed.



  • Anti-theft design
  • Heavy-duty hardware
  • It has a backpack mode
  • It has two adjustable long shoulder straps


  • It can not hold very heavy items
  • No insulation


Best Crossbody Bag: NeatPack Crossbody Bag For Women With Anti Theft RFID Pocket

Crossbody Bag for Women with Anti Theft RFID

Even though crossbody bags are not as big as backpacks, travelers have found out about their comfort. It’s easy to access all your valuables because they are hanging in front of your body without having to take off the bag every time. This NeatPack travel bag is a wonderful combination of room, organization, and comfort. There is also an RFID-protected pocket so that no sneaky thieves can scan your credit cards.

This is one of the most popular anti-theft travel bags and has other protection features including a credit card pocket secured with RFID and lockable zips, and has many pockets and can hold a lot of things. The side pockets are suitable for the storage of water bottles, iPods, etc. The bag has a comfortable, padded, and adjustable shoulder strap to suit your personal preferences.

It has a sturdy shoulder strap, so even when fully loaded, it will be comfortable to carry. While it is reported that the zippers of this pack are a bit tight, the function provides security from pickpockets. The material is also durable nylon to keep your bag well. Finally, the structure of the nylon fabric repels stain and sweat, keeping your bag clean and tidy on your trip.



  • Ample space
  • Slash resistant straps
  • It has a stylish construction
  • Theft-deterring RFID pocket


  • It has tight zippers

Olympia USA Luggage Review

Olympia usa Luggage

Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote

Olympia USA luggage is the ultimate in luggage that you can choose from when you are planning a trip to the Olympia area. The company makes it their goal to make traveling easy by offering high-quality luggage that is designed for travel and leisure travelers alike. The company sells a variety of different kinds of bags including duffle bags, tote bags, backpacks, and even suitcase-style bags.

The Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote is an everyday bag for the modern woman on the go. With a trendy and rugged design, it provides a spacious, comfortable top-loading front compartment, sturdy, in-line wheels with smooth-rolling handles, a cushioned handle, and a fun, patterned fabric cover. These durable luggage rolling totes come in different colors and are machine washable.

Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote is the main compartment that can be easily accessed with a zipper closure. Its smooth-rolling wheels make it easy to roll it up into its compact size. Its handles and straps are comfortable and allow you to roll the totes easily while still ensuring that they are easy to hold. It’s top and side pockets come with zippered sections for easy access to all of your items.

Made from durable nylon, PVC, and PVC coated for water resistance, the OIA totes are made with superior quality materials. and feature padded handles and straps. Made in the U.S., they are backed by a one-year limited warranty.

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How To Choose The Best Travel Purse Buying Guide

You should find a perfect purse to cater to all your needs before you go out for a trip. There are so many outstanding choices for travel purses that sorting them all and finding the right one can be quite difficult.

You must ask yourselves what you want in a bag when choosing your travel purse. Do you like a more fashionable option? Would you like a small bag or do you like the big travel bags for more storage?

If you’re planning vacations, buying a traveling purse with all the right features to accommodate your needs is very important. You should consider the following factors while shopping for the best travel purse.


The most important thing you can look for in a travel purse is protection and security. Because cards and passports are the major items you hold on the handbag, you should be careful about scanners and dangerous gadgets that can rob your private data. RFID protection is a very important thing that must be present in a travel bag – it can be an extremely valuable feature.


If you travel quite often, your luggage should be long-standing and sturdy. The solid material is very much important in a good traveling purse, whether leather or otherwise. Search for reliable material to ensure your travel bag lasts for rough handling and daily wear.

Crossbody Strap

You should be able to hang the strap over the other side of your shoulder. This makes it harder for the desired mugger to take the bag off your arm.


If you care about style, fortunately, you can easily find a very stylish travel bag. They are available in all kinds of colors and styles. It is not recommended to get a back that grabs way too much attention, you can go for decent styles as well. You can find pretty cool styles that are not over the top and filled with glitters but are good enough to cater to all your fashion needs.


Your travel bag should be easy to wear as you will have to hold it all day long. Find ways to carry them around your body or in backpack design. The style of body crossing is nowadays the most common and most comfy. On the other side, it’s totally not safe to hold one in your hand. This means that access is complicated. Look for large straps not gliding off your shoulder. Adjust it to prevent it from swinging and slapping your body while you walk.


Some people might prefer to carry small bags, but it is a huge benefit especially for travelers to have more compartments. You will save more in the suitcase without leaving any of your things. If you use these types of bags, forgetting vital items would be less risky for you.

Water Resistance

It’s not necessary but weather-friendly travel bags are good both for esthetics and for holding your stuff dry. While traveling the weather is quite unpredictable at different places so you never know when it can rain, securing your stuff from getting all wet is a good thing, and this can only be possible if your travel purse is water-resistant.


Travel is one of the activities that we like to do when we want to relax and take a break. Going to a new location or exploring a new place are really good activities to help you get away from stress.

You can choose your favorite travel purse from our list of the Top 15 Best Travel Purses based on their excellent price, security, durability, style, comfort, space, and overall performance.

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