There are many reasons why someone would prefer to travel with just a duffle bag in their possession. This can be said for an individual traveling via air, car travel, or even for those booking a train ticket.

Even riding a bus is made far more convenient if you have a small compact bag that you can even place on your knees for the entirety of the ride. Suitcases on the other hand might allow for more things to fit inside including belongings, clothes, and even money but are heavier!

Today’s article will try to figure out exactly how much money can fit in a duffle bag. You might have noticed TV and film tropes where the protagonist always transports their money via a duffle bag. So, to figure out whether there is any truth to this matter, we are going to answer a series of questions and figure out the total capacity of a duffle bag.

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Why choose a duffel bag?

When it comes to utility, in our opinion duffel bags are just easier to use in every way. They don’t have bulky wheels or frames that weigh the user down. They are lightweight and compact especially since you can just prop them over your shoulder with ease.

If you are a frequent traveler then you will certainly want to choose a duffel bag over say a suitcase. Not only will you have less luggage to carry around, but you will also find that when checking your luggage while boarding a plane, you will pay less.

Contrary to popular belief, a duffle bag can even accommodate more of your belongings than a suitcase of the same size! This makes them much easier to pack! You will have easy and quick access to all of your clothes. Another super nice feature is that since the bag will be on your shoulder or in your hands at all times, it is less likely to go missing or get stolen.

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Are they accepted as a carry-on?

Duffel bags are the absolutely perfect kind of luggage to opt for if you want to travel via air. They are lightweight, they are compact and they can easily fit inside the overhead compartment that you find on planes.

Truth be told, if your duffel bag fits well within the size requirements that an airline might give you, it is acceptable as a carry-on. For most airlines and flights, the acceptable size is 30 to 35L. This means that your duffel bag should not exceed 9-inchesX14-inchesX22-inches but this might as well be different depending on your chosen airline.

Are they more practical?

Let’s be real, where they offer unique benefits, duffel bags can also present a few issues. The first problem with this as a luggage option is that they offer limited sizes. This is not the same for backpacks or suitcases.

While it is true that a duffle bag will accommodate more items and belongings, it also doesn’t have wheels. This means you will have to bear the entire weight of your belongings. Usually on your back or slung across your shoulders. Of course, many duffle bags fix this issue by having a better strapping system in place for comfort and more maneuverability.

How much money can fit in a duffel bag?

Now that we have a good idea of what duffle bags can be used for and what utility they offer for a while, let’s get to calculating! That’s right! We are finally at the most pressing matter for today’s review and that is to answer the question; how much money can fit in a duffle bag?

Let’s consider that we are in a blockbuster movie! We wouldn’t be caught dead carrying any amount of money that is lower than crisp 100 dollar bills! And we all know how briefcases are easily identified so for a more low-key option we figure out how many bills our mighty duffle bag can fit!

So, the first thing to keep in mind is that when you look at a regular-sized briefcase or suitcase that is 25-inches x 18-inches x 4-feet in width, it can fit around 2400000 US dollars. How do we know this? Well, let’s just say we let the masterminds over at Reddit do this brainstorming for us!

The most interesting thing they found out that you can fit quite a bit more money inside a duffle bag because of the way they are designed. However, this does mean that you would also have a very heavy end result.

This means that if you are not concerned about the weight, you might want to choose to opt for a duffel bag to carry all of your money as compared to a briefcase or suitcase. However, since it has been established that they fit in more money, they will also be bulkier and weigh more.

So, if you want a definite amount of how much money can fit in a duffel bag, these are our best guesses for the main sizes of duffel bags:

A normal-sized duffel bag that might have the following dimensions of 21-inches x 21-inches x 36-inches could essentially fit in around 23,039,000 dollars. This also implies that its total weight would be somewhere between 500 and 510 pounds.

Keeping the above calculations in mind, if you had a much larger-sized duffle bag, with the dimensions of 25-inches x 25-inches x 42-inches, you would be able to fit in approximately $38,093,600.

However, as we discussed before this would increase the total weight by twofold. So you’re looking at anywhere from 800 to 1000 pounds total. In conclusion, we have come to the point that duffel bags on average can fit much more money inside than you could in other forms of luggage.

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