Are you the one very fond of the latest fashions and backpacks? Do you travel every day, thinking of what should be a convenient way to carry your essentials? Here we are with the two top bags that are very easy to handle daily.

All the 90s fashions are back with a lot more fashionable fanny packs along with them. Yes, we are talking about sling bags and hip bags. Sling bags are a class & style, while hip bags are likewise comfortable to carry the small things while you are venturing. You can consider it a center ground between your backpack and pockets. Both the bags range from conventional, having a horizontal zipper stumbling into the face to sound more like a great pouch with a belt lash. You will see the prices are almost similar so that you can pick anyone according to your benefits.

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How Would You Differentiate Sling Bag from a Hip Bag?

You might have observed individuals confusing sling bags with hip bags, otherwise called fanny bags, on the Internet. Still, both of them are not the same. In simple words, men mostly use sling bags to carry their essentials or take it with them every day. On the other hand, hip bags are the rebranded fancy packs. It’s a bit confusing when you look, but hip bags can be called sling bags. Although not necessarily a pretty one, but sling bags are never hip bags. 

Sling Bags – A Perfect Bag for Your Onboard Necessities

Nowadays, a sling bag turned to be an incredible thing for your pocket-sized essentials, particularly while on the way. You can grab all of your things to carry and throw them away in a container after arriving at the airport. Feel yourself more like a pro, what say?

What’s more? Your sling bag can perfectly fit in almost all of your essentials that you can probably take on a flight. Keep everything inside as unique as you are! Moreover, you can review the following suggestions that might help you fill your sling bag, such as:

  • Headphones
  • Eye masks
  • USB cables
  • Smartphones
  • Power bank
  • Earbuds
  • A book or novel, maybe
  • Essential pen and paper
  • Snack/eatables, etc.

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Hip Bags – The Cool & Perfect 90s Bags

People who are more into 90s fashion will probably go for hip bags. Such bags are a perfect fit for your practical use now and then. They additionally link into the latest fashion that elevates whatever was once terrible for people. You can see more celebrities like ASAP Rocky and Rihanna carrying this hip bag with full grace.

You also might have noticed a fashion accessory was the Louis Vuitton hip bag in the last few years. It was designed with a joint effort of streetwear label Supreme. Besides all this, many models carry these hip bags beautifully hanging over their bodies, and not at the waist.


Both the sling bags and hip bags are graceful while carrying. At least for now, you’ll find them very “in” worn by most people. We recommend getting anyone as both fits in comfortableness and fashion.