Traveling by air is so common now that it has turned into a hassle as well. Now that all of this has been said, luggage management is something which can bother a lot of different people. A single person traveling with his suitcases and backpacks and also pulling out his ticket, passport, and documents for different airport officers can be a huge struggle.

Although we can’t help you with all of the inconveniences faced at an airport, luckily this guide will assist you in managing your luggage by telling you how you can attach your backpack to your rolling suitcase.

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Why Should You Attach Your Backpack to Your Rolling Suitcase?

Don’t ponder over the thought that, how would attaching a backpack to your rolling suitcase would help you out? The answer to that question is simple, it’s an accepted fact that when a person is traveling for whatever reasons. They will have a suitcase in which all the clothing garments and items for their hygiene, also with that they will have another smaller bag which could be either a simple backpack or a laptop bag, essentially to carry all the important stuff in it so that they are easily accessible at any point of the traveling journey.

It is troublesome to have your suitcase rolling by your side and your backpack clinging on to your shoulder for a good few hours as you walk from point to point in the airport.

A possible solution could be to buy a backpack which has attached wheels on it so you could just roll it by your suitcase as well, but realistically that won’t be as helpful because you’d be rolling and controlling two bags simultaneously using both hands.

Hence, the ultimate method of best convenience enters the spotlight which is to just hook up your backpack or laptop bag to your rolling suitcase, which won’t occupy both of your hands and weight wouldn’t be much of a problem, on top of that your shoulders would be getting some well-earned rest.

How to Attach Backpack to Rolling Suitcase

Well, the most elemental method to attach your backpack to a rolling suitcase, which you’ve probably seen a lot during your travels, is to take your rolling suitcase and extend the handle and then either use the handle of your backpack and make it lay onto the handle of the suitcase, or some people just rest their backpack on top of the suitcase making use of its tilted position while it is being pulled. It’s safe to see that these methods may seem easy to do but they won’t do you any favors, they might end up being way inconvenient rather than convenient.

Even though they are technically attached, but not at all in a proper way, as any slight imbalance could make the bag topple over or could end up getting snatched as well if you’re not careful.

Specifically, if it’s a laptop bag or a rucksack bag they could fall off easily, and nobody would want the laptop bag to fall off. Additionally, there will be direct extra stress on the handle of the rolling suitcase, which could end up breaking if the backpack weighing down on it is heavy.

Also, the weight of the backpack is on the handle which is being held up and dragged by your arm will ultimately tire out your arm too when you have to move through huge airport lobbies, so the whole point of being casual and easy will nullify if you’re using this method.

Therefore, the best solution is to find a way in which the backpack has a sturdy and safe grip on the rolling suitcase without the worrying thought of it falling off as well as making sure that the weight is being transferred on the rolling wheels of the suitcase rather than its handle (which would tire your arm). Fortunately, we’ve got the best methods laid out for you ahead.

Moving towards the juicy part of this guide, there are two basic and easy ways to attach your different bags. One of these two methods requires a luggage strap which are solid reliable straps to hold on additional bags with your suitcase.

The second method is more suitable if you’re traveling with other people and there are various individual bags, then the use of an adherent add-on strap will be useful. Other than these two stated methods, (we’ll dive into the details in a second) there’s another method that requires proper bag handling if that suits you.

Diving deeper into the above-mentioned methods

Luggage Strap

To start with this method you have to ensure that you have a reliable and strong strap available. Any cheap, weak, or loose strap won’t help you out and would just create more problems for you with its unreliability. A high-quality strap is essential to make sure everything is set and in place. Once you’re done with that, the steps are simple and easy to follow.

First, you need to make certain that the suitcase is robust and of good quality, that it won’t break off due to some additional weight being forced on it. After that, the assembly of your luggage inside the suitcase is vital too. It has to be in a way that the heaviest items are at the bottom (when the suitcase is standing upright on its wheels) towards where the tires are and the lighter items should be on top.

The reason behind this management is that it would help out balancing the weight, as the backpack would rely on the top part of the suitcase, in this way the balance won’t be under or over appreciated at either part of the suitcase.

Now that the suitcase is arranged appropriately, you’ll extend and pull out its handle.

Now carry your backpack and make sure it’s on top of the standing suitcase, next to the handle. Confirm that it is firmly steady there because it’s time to buckle it all up now.

By placing the luggage strap underneath the suitcase, you will pull it upwards from behind and in front of it. Make sure they reach from going over both of the bags and when it reaches the clip which will be behind the suitcase, you’ll need to click bind them together.

It is recommended to check the grip once you’re done with strapping both bags together, also the tightness of the strap can be altered and should not be overlooked. The tightness should be stable yet not too squeezing as it might create problems for the items inside the bags.

This concludes the method to use the luggage strap, the strap will help keep the backpack isolated from the handle of the suitcase and will transfer its weight down towards the wheels of the suitcase instead.

Add-on strap

The second option other than the luggage strap is the Add-on strap. These come in different shapes and sizes and are made with various materials. This is mostly useful if you’re carrying more than two bags with you.

These add-on straps help solidify a couple of different bags together as one, but if you’re carrying only one backpack with your suitcase then you can also get a nylon add-on strap with fasteners made from plastic which is comparatively smaller in size from other add-on straps and suitable for two bags.

Just like the way we started with the luggage strap-on procedure the add-on strap process is similar. First up, you have to set up your suitcase and make sure all your heavier items are at the bottom towards where the wheels are, and the lighter items are at the top, to help make sure weight stability.

Next, make your suitcase stand up straight and ready the add-on strap in your hand. Following these steps closely, first open up the buckle of the strap and hook it around the handle of your suitcase. You’ll notice a hook shape on your strap, make sure it is facing outwards. Moving further on, grab the second largest bag (to attach first) and using the hook, mentioned before, make it cling onto the backpack. This will make the backpack hang onto your rolling suitcase and you’re all done. In case if you have additional bags then you can get add-on straps with multiple hooks which will allow you to hang even more bags with your rolling suitcase. Although, it should be noted that the bags always have to be in descending order of weight for optimal efficiency.

Using the Handle

Although the handle method was proven inefficient a while ago in this guide, plus the straps are pretty cheap to buy. Nonetheless, if you still don’t want to invest any money in buying it or you just don’t travel enough for you to justify making this purchase, it’s understandable and we’ve still got some tips for you even if you don’t want to rely on any kinds of straps.

So, instead of making your backpack fall and depend on the pull-out handle of your suitcase, you could instead take your backpack or your laptop bag and make it hang around the suitcase itself, just like it hangs on your shoulder or your back. This won’t put excess weight on the pull-out handle and the weight of both the backpack and suitcase will be combined and will depend on the wheels. Taking off all the pressure from you. Albeit, this is based upon the shape and size of the hanging straps on your backpack or laptop bag.

Another simple hack or trick that can be used is by taking any piece of useless cloth in your home and using that to tie up the backpack with your suitcase.

Some other ways to carry your luggage efficiently

With all the convenient methods stated before, some people might still find strapping and unstrapping their luggage tedious work. Also, the notion of trying to find a single piece of the strap while packing and getting ready to leave for the airport could be a problem for some.

Well, if you don’t want any of those troubles and your pockets are a little deeper to spare some cash on this obstacle then there are some other ways suggestable to you;

Attachable Carry-Ons

With the problems of luggage management arising a lot of companies have pounced on this complication to help out their consumer. Some of the luggage brands are now offering bags with an attached sleeve on their back that you can just slide onto your suitcase pull-out handle

Matching Luggage Sets

Lastly, if you have even more money to spare you could buy some matching sets of suitcases with their corresponding backpacks or laptop bags, which slide in or attach onto each other like glue. They are even available in a larger set which has up to four or five bags all attachable with each other. This method is also suitable for people who rank looks highly and want some color combination going on. Visually these are the best option available.


Who knew attaching a backpack to your rolling suitcase could turn into such an intensive guide? Nevertheless, now that we went through it all hopefully this guide of how to attach backpack to rolling suitcase will help you explore and find the method that suits you the most while traveling across the globe without any stress of your luggage falling off or experiencing the physical burden of carrying multiple bags at the same time.