Wrapping is a very complicated thing if you efficiently want to wrap something up. If you use the right wrapping technique, you can save a lot of wrapping paper, your efforts as well as your time. The first and foremost rule of gift wrapping is that it should be done in a way, no one can guess your present or find out till the last moment. It should remain a mystery to all the people so you can enjoy the moment. We know you are looking for a technique to know how to wrap a suitcase for a gift.

We are here for the same purpose as you. We took a look at all the wrapping techniques, analyzed the situation, and penned down the best way you can use to gift wrap a suitcase. In this gift wrapping guide, we are going to discuss a step-by-step method that you can exactly follow as it is written to get the best results. Let’s move forward towards the main part of the article so you can get what you are looking forward to.

Gift wrapping a suitcase

Before we start our gift wrapping journey, here is a bonus trick from us. We present to you a list of different materials that you can use to gift wrap a suitcase or any other thing. The wrapping materials are as follow:

  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Stylish gift bags
  • Drawstring bag
  • Plain paper
  • Newspaper
  • Fabric or printed pieces of clothes
  • Personalized notes

How to wrap a suitcase for a gift?

Giving a suitcase for a gift might seem odd to some people but don’t let them bother you because it is a very handy and useful gift. If your friend or a family member is going on vacation or planning one then this is the best gift you can give them as they will surely need a new suitcase. Let’s get started with the first step of the gift wrapping process.

Step 1: Gather all the things

The first step of the procedure is to gather all the material or things you will need while gift-wrapping a suitcase. This step will prove to help enhance your productivity as you will not have to stop during the procedure to get a thing from another room or buy from the market. The things you will need for gift wrapping are:

  • Wrapping papers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Tape
  • Box
  • Decorating stickers
  • Greeting card

Step 2:  Measuring suitcase

The next step for the procedure is to carefully take the exact measurements of the suitcase. You have to make sure you cautiously measure the length, width, and height of the suitcase. It is important to cut the gift wrapping paper accordingly.

Step 3: Choosing the right box

Now, take the measurements you took of the suitcase to choose the right box so you can place your suitcase in the box and start wrapping it. Wrapping the suitcase without a box will prove to be difficult and will not look crisp and sharp as the zippers and other things on the suitcase can destroy gift wrapping paper.

Step 4: Tape the box

The fourth step of the procedure is to apply some glue or tape to the box so the wrapping paper can stick to it. You have to be careful while following this step as it can get a little messy with glue and tape.

Step 5: Wrapping up

After applying the necessary or required amount of glue or tape on the box, it is time you lay down the wrapping paper on the floor or a stable table. Carefully place the glued or taped box in the middle of the wrapping paper. Now, take one side of the wrapping paper and bring it onto the top of the box. Do the same folding with all the sides of wrapping paper.

Step 6: Decorating your gift

The second last step of the process is to decorate your gift box to give it a personalized look. If you chose a colorful or funky gift paper then you can skip this step but if you are wrapping it with plain paper then this step will give a really cool and attractive look to your gift. Try adding some decorating stickers or use a ribbon. You can also paint on the wrapping paper if you are a brilliant artist.

Step 7: Add a greeting card

Adding a greeting card will give unforgettable memories to the recipient. You can buy a card from the market according to the occasion such as birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day, or any other. You can also make a card of your own. Take a piece of paper and cut the shape. Draw something good or write a special quote for your friend or family. Paste the card on the gift box with glue or a piece of tape and you are all done.


It was really fun getting your present ready with you. We also enjoyed every step of the procedure with you and hope that you also had a good time wrapping up the gift. Since you have gone through the complete procedure, we are very glad that we were able to solve your wrapping concerns. All you have to do is carefully understand the process or you can follow with us so there is space left for any complication.

Here is a summary of all steps so you can remember the wrapping process for a long time and use it later whenever you need. First, gather all the materials and then take the measurements of the suitcase. Next, choose the right box and prepare it with glue and tape. At last, wrap up the box properly and add decorative or greeting cards to it.