Are you looking for some appropriate case for storing your belongings but don’t know which one is better for you? Take it easy, because in this article you will get concise information and in the end, you will be able to select your ideal choice. 

You might have come across various suggestions from different people about briefcase and attache case. They might have told you which one is better. However, your ideal case depends upon your requirements. Therefore, we shall guide you precisely according to your needs. You could get to know about these cases better, and above all, it will lead you to your ideal choice.

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What Is An Attache VS Briefcase?

Before knowing which one between them is better for you, you should know what they are and what their functions are. Therefore, please take a look at them further.

 Attache Case History: 

The word attache comes from a French word attached. The French administrative ambassadors used to have the responsibility of assembling paper and documents in a thin case. In this way, it begins to know as an attache case.

What Are The Functions of Attache Case?

Attache case is used to keep the documents safe and organized. If you are an officeholder, you might know how important to keep the files are. Therefore, the leather attache case assembles the files efficiently. Across the world, whether they are bureaucrats, diplomats, lawyers, or public officers. All of them keep their important documents in the attache case.

It Manages Your Things Easily:

If you are looking for a convenient storage facility, then an attache case is an ideal choice for you. Attache case opens are two different compartments for organizing the files efficiently. This means you can keep your files and other essential things quickly. Moreover, it provides you sufficient storage to easily control your laptop, mobile phone, and other essential belongings. It proves that the function wise attache case is very convenient.

What Are The Advantages Of Attache Case?

Looking for beneficial features of the attache case? Relax, because you have found them. Attache case is a modern invention of today. It provides exceptional benefits, and some of them are mentioned below,

  • They are comfortable in handling because of their molded material
  • It keeps your files well organized and do not mix them
  • They are small in size, which makes them portable
  • You can take it anywhere as it covers very little space
  • They are shock-resistant, which keeps your things safe
  • It gives a stylish look which makes it more essential
  • They open in two different compartments so you can manage your items easily
  • These were some of the advantages which will help you with your ideal selection.



Now it comes to talk about the briefcase. Let’s discuss it as well.

History Briefcase:

Like attache, the briefcase also comes with some background. The term briefcase is former than attache. The briefcase comes from the word “brief.” The briefing is the process of a short statement of facts and figures. The lawyers used to keep their briefing in a case, and it becomes a briefcase.

What Are The Functions Of Briefcase?

Just like the attache case, a briefcase is also used to keep files and documents. However, it is former to attache. Unlike attache, a briefcase is more comfortable in maintaining files. You might be thinking, how? A briefcase is a container that contains multiple pockets in its lid. It provides you enough room for advanced storage. Due to various pockets, you can keep your extra things along with your files as well. Like, you can put your laptop, mobile phone, files, stationery, etc. In short, the briefcase is an expanded version of the attache. 

What Are The Advantages Of Briefcase?

  • Until now, you might get the idea of how the beneficial briefcase is. However, some of its valuable features are described below.
  • The briefcase is a rectangular container that provides you advance storage facility
  • It contains a lid with multiple pockets to store anything you want
  • You can keep various things in it at once like mobile, laptop, stationery
  • It is ideal for traveling as well as in case you need to travel for official purpose
  • The reliable and sturdy material provides maximum protection to your things
  • It does not offer external pockets which prevent the thieves from stealing
  • It contains a code lock, which efficient than a key lock

What Is The Difference Between Attache & Briefcase?

At this point, you might be thinking, what makes them distinctive from each other? Well, both of them may seem the same, but if you inspect them carefully, you will observe a major difference in them. To clarify you efficiently, they are differentiated as follows,

They Have Different Storage Facility:

To create more ease for you. One of the major things which make them different from each other is their storage capacity. Attache case provides you limited storage whereas, briefcase provides you advanced storage.

They Have Opposite Structure:

Secondly, both of them have the opposite structure. An attache case opens apart in two compartments, whereas; the briefcase opens in a single section. Here, you can estimate your needs.

Materials & Different Size:

Thirdly, the attache case comes in a small and portable size whereas; briefcase is big compared to the attache. This distinctive size and structure make it separate from each other. You can select any of them according to your needs.

Exterior Pocket Facility:

Unlike attache, the briefcase does not provide you exterior pockets. You must be thinking, why? To prevent the thieves from stealing your belongings. Above all, the interior of the briefcase provides sufficient pockets.


If you take a look at the uses of both of them, you’ll observe a considerable difference between them. A briefcase is solely used for official purposes, whereas you can use attache for casual purposes as well. 

Which One Is Better Between Them?

After all this discussion, you might get the idea of which one is ideal for you between attache vs briefcase. Both of them have the sole purpose of storing files. However, their size, storage, appearance, handling is what makes them distinctive from each other. If you are looking for recommendations, then select the one which fulfills your need. 

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