Getting a zipper of a backpack stuck is a normal and everyday routine but it can be troublesome and frustrating when you are in dire need of anything from your backpack or when you are getting late for somewhere. What we all do in this situation is act aggressively and hurriedly to unstuck a zipper to resolve the issue but you need to know that this hurry and aggression can cause permanent damage to your zipper and your backpack.

All your worries and concerns are going to disappear because we have done a lot of research on this issue “how to get a backpack zipper unstuck?” and penned down different methods that can help you solve your stuck zipper of the backpack. We tried to explain these methods in detail and step-by-step so that it can be easy for you to understand all the things to apply these methods and get your zipper of the backpack unstuck.

Reasons for stuck zippers

To know how to get a backpack zipper unstuck and how to prevent future obstructions of zippers, it is important to know what causes them to get stuck or the reasons for stuck zippers. If you know what caused your zipper to stuck then it will also be easy to unstuck the zipper. The most common reasons for zippers getting stuck are:

  • Rusting teeth of zippers
  • Clenched or compressed teeth of the zipper
  • A broken slider of the zipper
  • Dirt and debris in zipper
  • Overpacking of the backpack
  • The fabric caught in the teeth of the zipper

How to get a Backpack Zipper Unstuck?

Here are some methods that you can easily use or apply to get your backpack zipper unstuck.

Method # 1: Taking fabric or threads out

The first method is to take the fabric or threads stuck in the zipper of the backpack. You need to look for the area where the fabric is stuck in the zipper. This can happen normally and there is no need to worry. When you have located the area where fabric is stuck in the zipper, the next thing you need to do is pull it out in the opposite direction of the zipper.

Do not use excessive force because it can damage the zipper permanently. Try to be as gentle as possible. Zip and unzip your backpack three to four times to check if it is working properly then iron the area of fabric around the zipper so it does not get stuck again and keep working properly.

Method # 2: Use of pencil

The next method we have is to use a pencil to make your zipper unstuck. You need to find a lead wooden pencil because the graphite acts as a dry lubricant for a stuck zipper. The first step is to rub the pencil along the teeth that are stuck in the zipper. After applying enough rub of the pencil, try to move the zipper.

If it still does not work, repeat the first step until it starts to move. Do not force the zipper to slide, keep trying gently by rubbing the pencil until it starts to work. The teeth are mostly jammed where they intersect so you should look for such areas.

Method # 3: Use of lubricant

The last method in the list of how to get a backpack zipper unstuck is to use a lubricant. There are several lubricants you can use such as soap, Chapstick, Windex, Vaseline, wax of candles, oil, lip balm, lotion, crayons, petroleum jelly, and anything that you find silky or smooth will work on stuck zippers.

You need to apply the lubricant or anything that you have chosen from our list to the teeth of the zipper where it is not sliding. You should be generous while applying the lubricant and try not to get the lubricant to touch the fabric because it may affect the color of the fabric. After applying, move the zipper up and down and it will start working efficiently. Clean the area afterward.

How to prevent zippers from getting stuck?

It is much better to take action beforehand instead of regretting later on the situation that is caused by some carelessness or lack of knowledge. We are here to help you in every difficult situation so we came up with some points that can prevent your zippers of the backpack from getting stuck.

  • Wash your zippers by scrubbing them so they can get free from dirt and debris that might cause the zipper to stick
  • Always use lubrication for your zippers so it does not ever get stuck. You can use lubrication even if it is not stuck so the zip can move fast and smoothly.
  • Do not overpack your backpack because extra items in a backpack will put a strain on the zipper and will require extra force to close it. This can lead to permanent damage to the backpack.
  • Do not pull your zippers with excessive force because it can damage the zippers. You should make sure that you must be as gentle as possible when zipping or unzipping your backpack.


We are very glad that our informational guide “How to get a backpack zipper unstuck?” helped you in solving your backpack and your zipper problems easily and quickly.  You can prevent getting your zipper stuck again in the future with the help of the last part in our guide that tells you different precautions.

As we conclude our article, we want to help you once again by recommending that if you do not want to get in these troubles of zippers and backpacks then make sure that you buy the best and top-quality backpack because quality is what always matters and will also provide you a better experience with zippers than regular backpacks.

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