NOTAG is always ahead in providing comfortable and luxurious bags for both Man and Women. When it comes to bags, a woman prefers them to be luxurious and convenient. Therefore, we provide you NOTAG crossbody bag for women waterproof shoulder bag to assemble your things safely and stylishly. Are you a working woman and need a high-quality bag that could assemble your stuff carefully? Well, you are in the right place because we have just the perfect thing for you. Now you can compartmentalize both your personal and professional assets easily. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s find out more about this bag in detail.

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NOTAG Crossbody Bag For Women Waterproof Shoulder Bag

We all want to be our bags luxurious and comfortable. However, this wish seems to be impossible back in the days whereas, NOTAG has made it possible now. For working women like you need something that goes exactly with your requirements i-e, it should be attractive, comfortable, stylish, and strong as well. NOTAG crossbody bag for women waterproof shoulder bag keeps your important office stuff like papers, safe and assembled. Moreover, the comfy, light-weighted, and stylish feature makes it more ideal for you. For a better experience, some of its qualitative features are mentioned as follows.

Made For Women

Fortunately, for all the females around the world; this is for you. NOTAG has brought their finest product for you this time. Unfortunately, if you are a man and hoping to get something for yourself then we are sorry because this place isn’t for you. This bag is the sole department of a woman despite their ages. So let’s explore more about it.


This bag comes in two sizes i-e Large and Small

  • The larger one comes in the size of 12.2 x 4.3 x 9.4inch whereas,
  • The smaller one comes in: 10.2 x 3.5 x 8.6inch

Despite their sizes, this bag is light-weighted and perfect to use for every purpose whether it is an office or traveling. Above all, the bag contains a separate linen shoulder strap that allows you for hanging as well. Earlier, the strap used to come in nylon which later on upgraded at the audience’s request. This Nylon strap is anti-slipping that enhances comfort.

Multiple Pockets

Usually, the small-sized bag comes in limited pockets whereas this bag will leave you amazing with its multiple pockets. The bag contains

  • 3 zipped pockets at front
  • 1 zipped pocket at back
  • At the interior, we have 2 zipper pockets with two open pockets
  • On the exterior, we have two side pockets.

This bag goes perfect for carrying paper stuff along with loose items such as ear-pods, phones, pens, etc. the sturdy material keeps your belongings safe and secured. Above all, you can store multiple items in it at once without a second thought. It goes suitable for all of them.


NOTAG never remains behind when it comes to quality. This bag is waterproof that makes it the most ideal choice for you. Now you don’t have to get panic about wetting your bag because the water will not stay on the surface for long. This convenient feature is the very requirement of working women. The nylon material proves to be the best water-resistant.


The bag is made up of polyester that makes it sturdy. The solid structure keeps your fragile belongings safe and secured. The interior walls of the bag are shock-resistant that prevents your things to get damaged. However, water could also damage your things therefore, the manufacturers kept that possibility in their minds as well and gave nylon ingredients to make it water-resistant as well.

Useable For Different Purposes

This bag isn’t just suitable for official purposes whereas, it can be used for various purposes as well. You can accompany it for traveling and shopping as well. The bag is trendy and looks stylish and matching with all types of outfits. So whether you are off to work, shopping, or traveling, this bag goes with all of them.

Scratch Resistant

The safety features of this bag are the only reason for their supremacy over others. The manufacturers have ensured every possibility to keep your things safe and secured. The sturdy structure of the bag is scratch resistant as well. In other words, this bag will not tear up even by a knife. The nylon material keeps it firm for a lasting experience.

Convenient Shoulder Strap

Usually, the bag comes in a nylon strap that used to slip a lot. Moreover, such straps are weak and sewed permanently that split up in a few uses whereas; this bag comes in with a separate shoulder strap made up of linen. The linen strap is firm and anti-slipping. Moreover, you can use the bag with or without the straps as they could be removed easily. They are adjustable so you can increase or shorten their length.

Solid Zippers

It contains solid and firm zippers that make it durable. The manufacturers have upgraded the quality of the zippers and made them durable and long-lasting as they can’t break easily.

Goes Perfect With Your Outfit

Women are conscious about their dressing. They want their belongings to go perfectly with their outfits. Therefore, the designers have kept this point in mind while designing it. The stylish and comfortable design goes green with every outfit. So don’t hesitate at all.

Notag Crossbody Bag For Women Waterproof Shoulder Bag

Notag Crossbody Bag For Women Waterproof Shoulder Bag


To conclude, a NOTAG crossbody bag for women waterproof shoulder bag is all that you are looking for. Now you don’t have to purchase different bags for different purposes. Get it, and use it for multiple purposes. Above all, you have the availability of a refund in 90 days. If you are not satisfied with said so, you can get your money back within 90 days. However, this will not happen at all. So what are you waiting for, place your order now?

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