A question that often pops up when I am teaching folks about packing for travel is, “Can I bring a duffel bag as a carry on bag in the cabin of an aircraft?” The short answer is yes, you can. In fact, if you have ever flown in an aircraft, you know that many times it is not always comfortable to sit in the seat in front of you because of the limited visibility. One way to solve that problem is to take a duffel bag as a carry on and you will be comfortable throughout the flight.

The main purpose of a duffel bag is to provide an easy way to transport items, but it also provides an ultra-lightweight duffel that can be easily carried around. The main benefit of a duffel bag over other forms of luggage is that there are many different sizes and styles to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a shoulder-strap bag or one that is over your shoulder, because there will be plenty to choose from in any style you can imagine. You can find the type of duffel bag that best suits your needs and style, such as those that have separate interior zippers or ones that are fully zipper closed.

Carry on only? If you have small children in the family, then you may want to think twice about a carry on bag. Because of the size and the fragile nature of these items, they must be handled with extreme care. You are also likely to experience more difficulty removing them from their bags than you would at a larger size. A duffel bag is small enough to fit in your hand easily but large enough that you can handle it without having to worry about hurting yourself.

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Carry on Bag – 4 Things That You Should Remember When Packing For a Trip

When purchasing a Travel Duffel Bag as a carry on there are many factors you should take into consideration. The size of the bag, the weight, and the dimensions of the person you are going to carry it on with must be considered. The weight of the bag is based on the items being carried and the average weight for an adult is approximately thirteen pounds. The size of the bag is also based on how many items you want to carry. Most large buffers can hold up to thirty or more pounds.

Travel Needs

Of course, you need to make sure that your duffel bag is large enough to hold all of your travel paperwork and your passport. It also needs to be strong enough to carry your luggage. That being said, there are plenty of duffel bags available that are just right for carrying on an airplane. Here are a few suggestions. Remember, always check with the airline you will be flying out of to ensure that they will allow a carry on bag.

Duffel Bag Material

The material the duffel bag is made out of will determine the quality of the bag. It is important that the materials used to make the bag are strong and durable. Most buffers will feature a zipper at the top of the bag that is either a zipper on the side or a top zipper. Some travel duffel bags will have both zippers on the top and side of the bag.

The material the duffels are made from will determine its durability as well as its comfort. Nylon is a very popular material to use for duffels because of its durability and its ability to store and transport anything without a problem. Nylon is a soft, light, and easy to handle fabric that will be comfortable for long-range travels. Because it is so lightweight, nylon is great for people who might spend time traveling during peak business hours or who may be at risk of losing their luggage through theft.

Dimensions Of Duffel Bag

The dimensions of the bag are very important to determine its price. The bigger the buffer is, the more expensive it will be. The size of the buffer is in inches, width, and height. The outside dimensions, including the width and height of the buffer, along with the inside dimensions including its outside dimensions, will affect the price of the bag.

The size of the buffer itself is important, too. Some are only slightly larger than a handbag; others are longer. The smaller ones are usually meant for light, casual packing, while the long ones (x 9) can weigh several pounds. That’s not to say that you can’t carry a duffel with you on an airplane – you can, but there are special rules that apply.

Stitching and Compartments

Another thing to look for in a great duffel bag is great stitching and compartments. Pockets are key to making your carry on easy to take along, but having plenty of pockets also makes it easy to organize everything. You don’t want to have to take everything out of its proper place if you can help it, after all. The compartments that come with some bags are great for holding socks, underwear, and other small items that you’d rather leave in the main compartment of your bag.

Carry on Duffel Bag Size

When it comes to checking in for a flight, there is no question that having the proper carry-on duffel bag size will save you time and headaches when getting ready to board the airplane. No one wants to walk through the terminal looking for a carry-on bag or check-in baggage only to find that they have forgotten their carry-on bag size. Knowing the right way to pack a carry-on bag will eliminate having to double up on other pieces of clothing or wait in line to purchase luggage again.

One way to avoid having to guess at the bag size is to know your body’s measurements. Stand with a tape measure in the place where you will be placing the bag. Take the measurements of your shoulders, chest, waist, and hips. Remember these numbers. Calculate the bag’s weight by adding your body measurements to the bag’s maximum weight limit. This will help you determine which carry-on bag size will give you the most room.

Your next step is to determine the bar’s width. Calculate the bag’s width by measuring the width of your shoulders with your hand. Now measure the width of your hips with your hand, making sure the bag is not too large or too small for your hips. Add both measurements together. The carry-on bag’s width should be four times your shoulder’s width or the width of your hips. For instance, if your shoulders were broad like a rectangle, then the bag’s width should be forty inches wide.

The next thing you need to keep in mind when figuring out the carry-on bag size is the bag’s length. Your height and weight will affect this measurement, as will your personal clothing style. Keep in mind that if you are going to be sitting, then you want a bag that is shorter. Conversely, if you are walking, then you would want a longer carry-on bag. The length of a carry-on bag should be no more than thirty inches if you are only going to be sitting, and no more than sixty inches if you are walking.

Don’t forget to check your items. Check to make sure your camera, laptop, files, books, keys, pens, and more will all fit in the carry-on. You will be amazed at how many small items you can bring in a carry-on bag. You may even find that your gym bag or school bag will work better for you than your carry-on bag because you can use the gym bag to store your sports clothes and then put your carry-on in the school bag and use the school bag to store your books and other small items.

As you can see, there is no hard and fast rule about the size of carry-on bags. It really depends on your personal needs and your travel habits. If you don’t have much room to pack, then the small duffels will work best for you. However, if you like to pack a lot, then you’ll probably want to get a larger bag. No matter what you carry-on bag size, it will be a great convenience when traveling.

Is a bag safe for travel?

With the security measures that most airports have in place these days, you can feel confident about bringing any type of luggage with you. The major airports all have a security guard that stands by the baggage claim area to make sure that the bags stay where they belong and are not stolen. It is important to remember, however, that even if security is high at an airport, that does not mean that a bag cannot be stolen. You should purchase a quality bag that has multiple layers of padding, such as a leather carry on bag. This will give you added protection from theft and it will ensure that your bag remains safe.

Where can I get a duffel bag for my travels? 

Duffel bags can be found just about anywhere these days. Many department stores carry them and they can be purchased online at very reasonable prices. They are also available in many different sizes, so it is possible to find one to fit your needs. Whether you are flying, traveling by bus, train, or sea, you can find a duffel bag that will meet your personal luggage requirements.

Does a duffel bag give you ease and comfort?

 If you are traveling by foot, then it does not matter much which bag you choose to carry on. If you are flying, then it can become quite cumbersome to carry a large duffel bag and then try to unfold it while standing in the aisle of the plane. A duffel bag with a shoulder strap will make this job easier and keep you comfortable during the flight.


The bottom line on the question of “can I bring a duffel bag as a carry on?” is “yes.” Anyone, no matter their size and weight, can carry a duffel bag and have everything they need in an accessible and compact form that is light and easy to manage. Anyone looking for an affordable, convenient way to carry their belongings on the fly should consider this option.