Michael Kors is a well-known American fashion designer. He has been working in the field for years and has launched a variety of stylish handbags, clothes, and watches. Thus, he is a fashion tycoon in the industry. Perhaps, he has won his loyal customers’ hearts by introducing unique and fashionable products in the market.

Michael Kors has launched his own company with the name Capri Holdings Limited. Although its first name was Michael Kors, now he is using Capri for his products. Michael Kors first introduced this brand in 1981. His handbags are popular fashion accessories in the world. Women of all ages prefer to buy the purse and wallets from the house of Michael Kors. Currently, the company has more than 220 stores and about 1500 in-store boutiques in different countries of the world.

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Women Hand Purse Best Variety By Michael Kors

Are you hunting for a wallet with enough space to keep your cards, bills, and cash? Although you will find many brands but if you need something exceptional with luxe appeal and premium quality, then give a try to Michael Kors Women’s Large Trifold Travel Wallet.  It is one of the outstanding women’s purses you will find in the market as well as online. You will find no quality compromise, and the features will meet your expectation.

If you are wondering why to buy the Michael Kors Women’s Large Trifold Travel Wallet, let’s explore its wonderful features.


A tri-fold is sleek and stylish in appeal. Perhaps it is personality enhancing piece available in a wide range of colors. The designer has used durable material to craft this awesome wallet. Thus it will serve you for a long time. However, it is a leather wallet, yet you will find no tearing or shattering of leather even after a long time of use. It is a timeless tri-fold wallet as the style is forever, and you can use it on any occasion with confidence.

Michael Kors wallet has the flap snap-type style. The snap closure makes it easy for the user to open or close the wallet, while the backside of the wallet has a zippered pocket. Furthermore, to give elegance to the women trifold wallet designer has added the polished hardware with the designer name that is Michael Kors in block form on the center of the front flap. Thus, it looks beautiful. So, the presence of the name not only doubles the value of the wallet but also adds a wow factor to this sophisticated hand purse.

Inside of the tri-fold wallet

The triple flap wallet is spacious and helps to keep all your purse essentials well organized. During traveling, you need a somewhat large purse. Therefore, this exceptional wallet fully meets your expectations. Thus, this large wallet with dimensions of 7.25x4x1 inches comes with one clear window for placement of the ID card. Moreover, there are presently four unfolded bill sleeves and 17 sleeves for keeping the credit plus business cards.

Why Michael Kors Women’s Large Trifold Travel Wallet is the choice of most women?

To keep money and cards safe, there is a need for a wallet that offers the ultimate security. So, this wallet from the house of Michael Kors truly meets the security demand. The best thing is that the tri-fold wallet does not open easily. There is a need for a certain force to open the flap. Thus, there are no chances that the wallet flap will open automatically. Therefore, there are no chances of falling cards or money accidentally. 

Moreover, the large size offers sufficient storage. You can keep multiple things in it. One more thing about the Michael Kors Women’s Large Tri-fold Travel Wallet is that you can keep a pen or your favorite lipstick in the back zippered section. Thus, this sleek and modern looking wallet fulfills your essential things keeping need.

A triple fold wallet is a wonderful option for women to keep during shopping or while traveling. The outclass, elegant, and sophisticated travel wallet makes a perfect companion while going out.

  • Triple fold
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Spacious
  • Elegant in appeal
  • Snap closure is somewhat hard



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Michael Kors Womens Large Trifold Travel Wallet

Final thoughts

Michael Kors Women’s Large Trifold Travel Wallet is a superb option for traveling as you can keep almost all essential things like cards, bills, cash, and your ID card. Space, design, size, and everything in between is perfect. Therefore, you can buy it with confidence and keep your cash plus cards well organized. Moreover, its sturdy style is long-running, and you can use it for many years without getting any damage to its outer and inner appearance.


1. Why tri-fold wallet is preferable as compared to a bi-fold?

Tri-fold wallets are more spacious as compared to bi-fold. These have enough room to keep cards, bills, cash, and other small things like pens, nail filer, or lip pencil. While in the bi-fold type, you cannot keep extra things.

2. What type of lock makes a tri-fold wallet more secure?

Tri-fold wallets come with a snap lock. It is more secure and does not open by itself. Rather a user applies a certain force to open the wallet.

3. How many cards sleeve this Michael Kors Women’s Large Trifold wallet as?

Michael Kors’s large travel wallet comes with 17 card sleeves and one big ID card sleeve with a window 

4. Is the MICHAEL KORS wallet is durable?

Yes, Michael Kors wallets are durable because they have a robust design, and designers use the high-strength leather material to craft these beautiful wallets.

5. How you guess about the original Michael Kors wallet?

Most Michael Kors wallets come with the print as well as the special polished metal Michael Kors icon attaché don front flap. The original wallet has its style and quality finish.

6. How many billing sleeves do Michael Kors’s large travel wallet has?

The stylish trifold wallet comes with three unfold billing sleeves to keep the bills plus cash well organized.