With Covid restrictions easing up a bit, now would be the perfect time to head on up to your favorite ski resort and destination! However, if you travel by air, you might find it super awkward to stuff those expensive ski boots into your hand carry case. It can be both potentially dangerous and unsanitary.

So, to help you sort out this situation, we have a thorough compilation of the best ski bags in the business! These have all been selected based on key features that any skier might need and are certainly worth your money!

If you think this article is right up your alley, we also recommend that you do not skip out on the buying guide and FAQ section at the very end. These will help offer more information and guidance for all potential travelers and ski enthusiasts.

In case you want a quick option, we suggest the Thule ski boot bag since this bag offers the best protective features around! It also comes with 2-way access to make your life more convenient!

Top 10 Best Ski Boot Bag for Travel 

Best Ski Boot Bag for Travel Features Check Price
Athalon Everything Boot Bag Comfort padding and straps Check Price
OutdoorMaster Boot Bag Waterproof and sturdy Check Price
OutdoorMaster Ski Boot Bag Spacious Check Price
Unigear Ski Boot Bag Individual compartments Check Price
Wildhorn Brimhall Ski Boot Bag Premium quality materials Check Price
Element Equipment Boot Bag Durable construction Check Price
Thule Ski and Snowboard Boot Backpack Protective features Check Price
Ski Boot Bag Backpack Ergonomic design Check Price
Amazon Basics Ski Boot Bag Ventilated boot pockets Check Price
Qiaoqii Ski Boot Bag Durable construction Check Price


For an excellent overview before you begin this, take a look at this comparison chart below.

Athalon Everything Boot Bag


  • Tons of features
  • Multi-storage capabilities
  • Comfort padding and straps
  • Waterproof and reflective components


  • The top handle not the sturdiest

The Athalon Everything Boot Bag has been designed to create a comfortable experience for the traveling skier. This is why this is one of the best ski boot bags for travel. If you place your comfort before anything else, you will love the comfort features it offers.

These include 4 padded lumbar back pads, top and front carry handles, and padded backpack straps. The padded straps can easily be hidden away when not in use and the padded lumbar pads will protect your back so that the boots inside do not poke it. Finally, the carry handles will make transportation easier.

This bag has been made for boots but it can fit practically anything you might need inside! Talk about being travel-ready! Whether you want to place your protective gear, your gloves, eyeglasses, protein bars, helmets, and even your clothes, this spacious bag is big enough for them all.

Of course, this extensive gear storage is made a possibility thanks to the amazing storage options that you get with this ski boot bag. There is a center compartment meant for your bigger items such as clothes and helmets and there are zippered ones for more important belongings.

Finally, there are the side pockets as well that are meant to store your boots. These side pockets are also well-ventilated so that your boots will dry off quicker. The one drawback of this product is that many users have complained that the top handle is not the most durable and is prone to breaking.

However, we like to end on a good note and this product has so much more to offer! What is a ski bag if it doesn’t have certain waterproof features in it? This one might not be completely waterproof but it still has a water-resistant PVC bottom so your bag won’t get soaked.

Talking about the bottom area, along with being waterproof, it also has drainage grommets so that your boot area is properly drained and ventilated for hygiene and convenience. There is also reflective piping on the bag so that you are visible in the vastness of the snow.


OutdoorMaster Boot Bag


  • Fits all sizes
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Waterproof and sturdy
  • 2 pockets
  • Compact


  • Not the biggest bag

Moving on, we have the OutdoorMaster Boot Bag that is one of the most functional options on this list for today. It has all the appropriate features that you could need and it is quite portable. This is thanks to the shoulder strap and the 2 handles that ensure swift and easy transport.

Apart from being easy to transport this is also a compact option. This of course means that the bag itself is not the biggest one out there! So, if you want a large option, keep looking. However, if you are on the lookout for a smaller bag that still has impressive storage space, this is the one!

It will fit all sizes and kinds of ski and snow boots without fail. There are even 2 quick access pockets in the front that can be used to effectively store and organize all your smaller items such as gloves, hats, goggles, and more! This feature makes sure that you have the best user experience.

To adapt to its surroundings with ease, this bag has been designed to be completely waterproof. Your essential items inside will not get soaked in the snow thanks to the 900D waterproof material. The bag itself is also quite durable and long-lasting.

Now coming to the end of this product’s features, we certainly saved the best for last. This ski boot bag comes with the brand’s lifetime warranty that means you can purchase it without hesitation! They also have excellent and friendly customer service for assistance.


OutdoorMaster Ski Boot Bag


  • Great customer service
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Spacious bag
  • Best for travel
  • Lightweight


  • The bag runs a little thin

We are moving on with this review of the best ski boot bag for travel with another OutdoorMaster product and this one is called the OutdoorMaster Ski Boot Bag. Straight off the bat, you can notice that this bag is not the thickest material and is quite thin.

This could prove problematic in the sense that when you use this bag roughly, it might be prone to tearing! However since this product just like the last one also has an OutdoorMaster lifetime warranty, you won’t have to worry about this! The warranty and brilliant customer service are a testament to this brand’s reliability!

Other features include its amazing additional features! Who doesn’t love extra perks and benefits? This product has 3 quick access pockets so that all of your vital items are within reach when necessary. These include 1 side pocket and a front zippered one.

Organizing all of your important ski gear has never been easier thanks to the storage options on this product. One aspect that any user will appreciate is how much space this bag has inside! It offers 50L of capacity. Not only can it handle boots of any size and make but it also keeps all your goggles, hats, and gear safe in 3 separate compartments.

Finally, with this ski boot bag, you will find that convenience is key! To ensure that the user can transport and carry their bag along with ease, there are two carrying handles that will be a comfortable quick option.

On the other hand, if you mean to travel for longer on foot, the adjustable shoulder straps and chest straps are the best! You will never have to settle for less with this impressive pick!


Unigear Ski Boot Bag


  • Spacious design
  • 1-year warranty
  • Decently padded
  • Individual compartments
  • Waterproof and weatherproof


  • No drain holes

Up next, we have the Unigear Ski Boot Bag. This product comes with a year-long 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and warranty so that in case anything goes wrong, you are covered! That being said, we do find it inconvenient that this product does not have any drain holes in the boot compartment.

Drain and vent holes can be super necessary as they ensure no bacteria or smell forms even if your boots are completely wet. Apart from this one hiccup, however, we see no flaws! It offers 50 liters worth of storage capacity that will effectively accommodate all your vital items.

There are also individual compartments for each kind of product. For example, the boots are stored in one area, the center area is for the helmet and the clothes and there are smaller compartments that are for sunglasses, hats, and gloves.

This makes organization super convenient and that’s why this is the best option for a double ski boot bag. The product itself is completely waterproof as it has been made with a mixture of both tarpaulin and 1050D nylon. Finally, since it is properly padded, this option is great for fragile items.


Wildhorn Brimhall Ski Boot Bag


  • Room for everything
  • Durable construction
  • Premium quality material
  • Ventilation options
  • 3 carrying options


  • None really

The Wildhorn Brimhall Ski Boot Bag is nothing short of perfect as one of the top contenders for the best ski boot bags meant for travel! We do not see any potential flaws with this offering as it has all the makings of a great boot bag!

This device is designed to have enough storage space to easily accommodate anything you might want to bring along for the ride. This can include your reflective gear, your clothes, your hats, goggles, and even your gloves! It also accommodates boots of any size and type.

The isolated compartment meant for ski boots is where these can be placed. Not only is this a more hygienic way of placing your boots but it also comes with ventilated ports that allow for effective circulation and also drains out excess moisture and water.

Other than this, the entire product has been made with an impressive and durable construction. From the outer base to the zippers inside, this product will stay with you for a longer period. The reason behind this is simple; it has been created with a 420d nylon material.

This material is also why the entire base and outer shell are water-resistant. No longer will you have to worry about the contents inside becoming soaked due to rain or snow. Now, coming to the most impressive feature in this device, it offers 3 carrying options!

For any traveler or skier, their boot bag must offer the right kind of transport features. Luckily thanks to the inclusion of 3 different options, all user’s needs can be met. This includes the carrying handles, the backpack straps, and the shoulder strap as well. These features help ensure that your overall experience is comfortable.


Element Equipment Boot Bag


  • Well padded
  • Scratch and damage-free
  • Durable construction
  • Tons of space
  • Ventilation holes


  • The strap isn’t very durable

We now move onto the Element Equipment Boot Bag and this product has a flaw that can be made better! This bag comes with a strap for carrying included. However, as many users have complained, this is not as durable because it tends to break off.

This can make carrying the bag difficult in case it comes off. However, other than this one glitch, this is one of the best ski boot bags for travel around. Whether it is its special features or the fact that it has a wicked amount of storage space, this bag is the one to pick for skiing enthusiasts!

Let’s talk about the special features of this product first. This Element bag comes with a goggle pocket that has been lined with fleece material. Goggles can be quite expensive and they are vital to ward against snow blindness so it makes sense that there is a protective feature specifically for that.

This will ensure that even if the bag falls or faces an impact, the lenses will remain scratch-free. Other than this, the back panel of this bag has been made to be fully padded. Your sturdy and wet boots will no longer stick out from behind and won’t stab you in the back either making for a comfortable experience.

Ideally, you want a bag that has enough capacity to store your boots and all your necessary items such as hats, goggles, and even your clothes. This one manages all of that and more! You also have shoulder straps to act as a backpack for easy carrying. These can be hidden when not in use.

We love how durable and sturdy the construction of this bag is! It will last you for many ski trips because it has been made from a special and reinforced double stitching. Other than this, it also has padded shoulder straps and a bottom, and the interior is lined.

We love that the 600D Oxford PVC Coated Polyester has been made to be waterproof so that your valuable contents within will not be a victim to the weather. The material is also sturdy in its construction so it will not tear or get damaged even when in rough use.

Thule Ski and Snowboard Boot Backpack


  • Storage and organization
  • Protective features
  • 2-way access
  • Rear-loading compartment
  • Back panel door


  • Slightly expensive

The Thule Ski and Snowboard Boot Backpack is our next product on this list for the best ski boot bags for travel. This product is of premium construction and quality and this does mean that it is slightly more expensive than we would like! However, its features and performance tend to justify its high price.

Not only will you get a decent capacity to store all your skiing essentials, but you will also ensure that they are kept organized for easy access and effective use. This bag also has what it takes to protect the contents inside from scratches, damage, and other issues.

There is even a special compartment made specifically for your fragile and expensive belongings. This may include your phone, goggles, and sunglasses. However, the protective SafeZone compartment makes carrying all your gear with ease.

There is a separate compartment for your ski boots in this bag. This will ensure that you can keep your wet or dirty boots away from the rest of the items. This is a rear loading side and it ensures properly storing and carrying your ski boots will never be a hassle again thanks to the Thule ski boot bag.

One issue that can put a hamper on your wonderful skiing vacation is getting your socks wet as you change unexpectedly from one pair to another. However, the Thule ski bag for boots also comes with a back panel door.

Not only does it provide easy access to your boots, but it also ensures that you have a makeshift mat of sorts to quickly change your boots without getting places dirty or getting your feet wet. Finally, this product also has two-way access so packing and storage become more efficient.


Ski Boot Bag Backpack


  • Spacious design
  • Double reinforced boot pocket
  • Water-resistant
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 3 compartments


  • Zippers finicky

When it comes to the best ski boot bags for travel, you will want a product that can adequately store all of your crucial items. That’s why the 50L spacious Ski Boot Bag Backpack is one of our top picks for this. This capacity ensures that you can place all your essential gear and more inside!

This of course will include your boots but will also help you store your goggles, your helmet, clothes, gloves, and other accessories easily. You won’t have to worry about storage space ever again with this option.

Talking about storage, the other great thing about this product is that it handles organization like a charm! You can be sure that your wet and muddy boots will never come in contact with everything else as it has 3 separate compartments for use. The central one is meant for your clothes and helmet.

Other than this, when you are traveling or flying with a bag you will quickly realize that you need proper features to transport it with ease. This product offers you just that as it comes with a vertical ergonomic design.

This means that it has an option for reinforced back support so that as you walk, you have your hands free and your posture is excellent as well. This product will never contribute to back strain or fatigue.

Waterproof features are an excellent way to protect your bag and increase its life. You additionally want a bag that has separate compartments for your boots since they are most likely to the wettest. The boot bag compartment has been laced with a water-resistant coating so you won’t have to worry about getting soaked.

Finally, the boot compartment in this ski boot bag has also been fitted with a double-reinforced boot pocket that has been designed to act as padding. This makes sure your boot will not stick out like a sore thumb at any point in time. Talk about a comfortable experience!


Amazon Basics Ski Boot Bag 


  • Durable and well-constructed
  • Reinforced double stitching
  • Ventilated side boots
  • Carry handles and straps


  • 1-year limited warranty

Moving on to this list of the best ski boot bags for travel, we are reviewing the Amazon Basics Ski Boot Bag. Starting with the letdown first, we think that the 1-year warranty sounds good but since it is limited, we can’t vouch for how effective it will be.

Ideally, you want a warranty that will cover all problems and will offer a reliable solution for reimbursement or replacement in case something goes wrong. Many options today have unlimited warranties as well, so this could be made better.

Other than this, however, we do not see anything else that is wrong with this Amazon Basics bag. It has the capacity for one pair of ski or snow boots and also contains other storage options for your smaller paraphernalia.

This includes a ventilated side entry pocket that is isolated from the other items. This is where you will keep your boots. They will remain dry and it’s much more sanitary like this. The other options are the smaller exterior and interior zippered pockets where you will place gloves and goggles.

Now, coming to its construction, it has been designed to withstand weather of all kinds. This is because it has a waterproof backing to keep the contents inside dry and safe at all times. The material in question is a high-density polyester one that is sturdy and resilient enough for your round trip.

Other than this, you will also find that this product has been built with durable construction. Its design ensures that you have a product that lasts. The first feature is its padded bottom, its lined interior, and the fact that it has been reinforced with double stitching.

Finally, another aspect that any user will appreciate with this product is that it has been fitted with the best soft carry handles around! These are not only padded for easy and comfortable support but are also reinforced and can be hidden away when not in use. All in all, you won’t find a better option!


Qiaoqii Ski Boot Bag


  • Durable construction
  • Has tons of room
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Waterproof features


  • Could be bigger

We have now reached the end of today’s list for the best ski boot bags for travel and we are ending this review with the Qiaoqii Ski Boot Bag. By now we have covered most of the important features that any good ski boot bag should have and this product in question has all of them and more!

The only drawback that we can see? This product has been cited to be smaller than most users would like. However, some bags need to be utilized smartly and this is certainly one of those since its 50L capacity can be best utilized if you know how to pack it properly.

This is a high-capacity bag and this means you can place everything you will ever need for the best skiing trip inside. Along with proper compartments for the boots, this boot bag also has enough storage space to properly manage and organize your gloves, helmets, clothing, goggles, and more!

Comfort is crucial when you are engaging in extreme sports and what better way to ensure safety and comfort all in one than with this bag? It has a padded EVA back panel integrated into the design that ensures your boots do not stick out and poke you uncomfortably in the back.

Apart from this, you will also find that the fact that it has specific padding in only one area means it is far more lightweight! You won’t have trouble carrying this bag along for all of your travels. Since it has been manufactured out of a 600D nylon on its exterior, it is quite durable.

This device has also been designed to be completely waterproof. This is a lifesaver when you are surrounded by snow. Your bag and its contents are bound to get wet if the product is not waterproof so this is quite a nice addition.

As we mentioned earlier, this ski boot bag comes with individual compartments for different items. The boots and wet items can be placed in the rear compartment, while everything else will fit neatly in the front. This makes it a good option for a double ski boot bag.



Buying guide; for more insight

Now that you have gone over our top 10m picks of the best ski bags, we are sure you feel much more confident choosing a product that best fits your specific needs and requirements. That being said, if you want to invest in the best option, you might want to consider more than just the basic features of your product.

You might also, for example, want a detailed overview of the right kind of features to consider, their benefits, and how relevant they are for your use. This is precisely why we have our buying guide coming up next.

This guide will list out 5 main features and factors that make up an excellent ski boot bag for travel! After we have completed those, we will then move on to going over some frequently asked questions that are super important especially when it comes to traveling with ski boots.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the most important features!

  • The kind of padding

For our first factor, we think padding will play a crucial role in your comfort! This is because when a ski boot bag is well padded, it ensures that the sturdy boots inside will not poke out or even cause discomfort as you carry the bag. There are 3 main types of padding:

Fully padded

As we just mentioned, a fully padded bag will ensure your boots do not stab you as you sit down with the bag, walk with it, or even if you travel with it seated next to you. Your experience will be more comfortable and your gear inside will be safe. However, it will be bulkier and might weigh you down.

Partially padded

Partially padded bags are the best midway between our two options. They are not as heavy and yet also offer the right kind of protection in specific areas that will need it. This means the padding might only be in the compartment where your ski boots are placed.

No padding

When a skit boot bag has next to no padding, it of course will not offer any of that excellent cushioning that will make the experience more comfortable for you. However, this can have its advantages. For example, when traveling long distances, you want a bag that is lightweight and non-padded bags offer just that.

  • The size

Even though you are investing in a ski boot bag, that does not mean you need to invest in another bag for the rest of your belongings. However, it will depend on you as to how big or small the bag’s size should be.

The duration of your stay, how heavy or light you pack and what kind of gear you have will determine the size of your bag. Ideally, a bag should be anywhere between 20L to 50L in capacity. Anything less and it would be too small, anything big and you might as well be a mountaineer.

  • Portability

One aspect that any traveler can appreciate is how easily their bag can be transported. Portability is one of the biggest factors after storage that is a motivation for buying. The most common types of portable features include wheels, straps, and handles.

You need to decide which one works best for you. You can have all three included as well since that would make traveling with your ski boot bag a breeze.

  • Gear storage

It goes without saying that the most important function of any bag is storage. This is extremely crucial for ski boot bags because you want to keep your boots in a safe, dry, and well-ventilated space during travel.

However, you also need to place gloves, sunglasses, scarves, goggles and other essentials along with the boots. This is why you need to consider compartments and zippered pockets as options for gear storage.

  • The Material

The material is extremely important for ski boot bag considerations! This is because you ideally want one that is durable and sturdy but also lightweight for easy carrying. If the bag has waterproof features or even a few compartments that are waterproof, it will be super convenient.

Nylon, Polyester, and PVC bottoms are perhaps the most commonly used materials because they are effective! These will keep your boots and bag dry and will also resist some roundtrip action.

We are now moving onto the main FAQs:

  • Can I carry my ski boots on the plane?

As long as you check the product in before boarding and can ensure there are no sharp or dangerous items inside, it is perfectly fine to carry a ski boot on a plane! In many cases, it is also a lot cheaper since you won’t have to pay the baggage fee.

However, if you don’t want to undertake the hassle of taking it along for the ride, you will be pleased to know that there are quite a few airlines that’ll check a ski bag and your boot bag as one total.

This will mean you get to enjoy your flight and you also end up saving more money in the process. That being said, if your skiing gear or boots are expensive, there is always the risk of the airline losing or misplacing your vital gear.

  • What is the best ski boot bag?

There are so many options that could easily be the best ski boot bag! However, we offer up the Athalon Everything Boot Bag as our contender since

The adjustable sternum strap is really what makes the Patagonia ski boot bag a great find and an even greater purchase. The coolest feature? When you are pressed for storage space, you can stuff the bag into its pocket so that it takes up less space.

The one drawback here is that it has not been designed to be waterproof. This is a major letdown because what ski boot bag can survive without this?

However, that being said, the 70-Denier 100% Recycled Nylon, the silicone coated ripstop, and the Polyurethane Back Coating will certainly ensure that your product lasts you for quite some time!

  • How do you pack a ski bag for flying?

Always attach the skis to the sides first. Lay them against their bases and place them in their specific compartment or straps. If there are no straps you can even use rubber bands to keep them in place. This also ensures they will remain flat at all times.

Next, you will want to take care of your boots. If you do not have sturdy boots or your bag doesn’t have adequate padding, we recommend adding some socks inside to act as stuffing. The best kind of bags will have separate compartments for the boots so that they do not dirty other items.

If in case, your bag has not been designed with separate compartments, you can always add in a cloth or a hat between the booth and the skis. This will prevent them from getting damaged. You can even get a little lining bag for the boots if it’s more convenient.

Once this is done, if there are internal zippered pockets and compartments, keep your essentials such as sunblock, goggles, gloves, and phones in there. The helmet comes last. Make sure to add it in a helmet liner or the bag it came in to prevent scratching.

The most important aspect of storage and packing is how your layer the items so that organization is attainable.

  • Are custom ski boot liners worth it?

A ski boot liner is a lifesaver when it comes to increasing your efficiency out on the slopes. However, a custom-molded ski boot liner is even better! This is because they offer you more warmth, more comfort, and a better fit. Here’s how:

Better comfort

Since the molded liner will be custom designed to fit your feet and the soles of the boot as well, you will have more comfort when you wear them. Make sure to buy liners that are softer yet sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of your feet.

Better fitting

a better and snugger fit will work to eliminate unnecessary movement and this will ensure that users can enhance their skiing movements.

Additional warmth

when you are out in the snow, no amount of layers are too much! Liners have multiple purposes and hence can also offer more warmth on top of your socks. They also won’t bulk up your shoe since they fit perfectly within the boots.